How To Regain Confidence

Regaining Confidence

Sure, having great hair helps boost self-esteem, and can bring out our inner Psykhe Goddess, but there are many other ways you can regain confidence. We know that hair loss can have a massive effect on your confidence, and we aren’t just here to sell great hair products, but we want to be a resource to empower women to experience Divine Liberation through not only our beauty, but through our mindset. So, we’ve compiled a short but useful list of easy things to implement that will help you regain confidence.

Ideas For Regaining Confidence

1. Strengthen your mind.

Self-confidence is a state of mind that can be achieved through intentional action. Allotting time daily to nurture your mind, body and spirit can be done in a variety of ways. Reading, exercise and meditation all provide to be very useful. If you’re not taking time for self-care, other things that do not serve to strengthen the mind will.

2. Discard negative thoughts

A whole new branch of psychology is dedicated to mindfulness, but it boils down to this: negative thoughts and insecurities pop up like weeds. And, like weeds, plucking them from the ground rather than killing them at the root serve no purpose. So, training your mind to only let in the positive thoughts teaches you to treat thoughts as tools. Use and strengthen the ones you need; discard the ones you don’t. Here is a great book to get you started: 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

3. Live a lifestyle of personal growth.

Putting yourself into situations or professional relationships that force you to grow ensures that you’re always expanding, which in turn generates confidence. From therapeutic programs to leadership programs to physical programs, committing to this kind of regular growth and showing up and being fully present are the keys to confidence.

4. Dress for success

No matter what level of business you’re in, it’s important to dress for the job/life you want, not the one you have. There’s this idea of working from home in PJs. The most successful people get up early and dress like they’re off for a day at the office, even if they are working from home and it’s reflected in their attitude. Ok, we admit it, this is where having great hair helps because when you look good you feel good and you’re more confident, too.

5. Recognize your value

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. You own your value, nobody else. So find ways to fall in love with yourself and grow. Whatever it takes for you to see your value regardless of how well you’re doing professionally.

Know you are WORTHY, and BELIEVE in yourself even if no one else does, because you are beautiful. You have the control to utilize anything and everything to help you feel your best, so just do it! It is then that you will experience A Divine Liberation, the feeling and ideology our brand is built on.

Psykhe Hair is based in Centerville, UT and serves the entire United States. Our customer service-based approach ensures that each client feels well informed and enjoys the process from ordering to delivery.  If you are suffering from hair loss and feel overwhelmed with all the options get a free expert opinion from our founder  on our website. We’re here to help!

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