Hello, I’m Jennae Jensen

President and Founder of Psykhe Hair

I am in the business of making women feel self-confident not self-conscientious.

I want to help women feel like the best version of themselves.

Let’s spread our wings and fly with confidence!

I love helping others feel beautiful because they are and they often forget it.

It’s amazing how the way we look affects the way we feel.

It changes our psykhe!

My Story

I have been doing hair since I can remember. From cutting my brother’s hair as a nine year old girl to styling, cutting, and coloring friends’ hair in high school. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2004.

In 2006, I trained with ENJOY Professional Hair Care. I traveled and taught classes in salons and created platform artwork for hair shows. In 2007, I began my work with hair extensions. I loved seeing how different methods of application could transform and enhance someone’s look!

After 10 years of doing hair and extensions, I kept coming across one major problem.

Clients were continually asking not for fullness in the back, but on the sides and in the front around their face.

I was encountering many women suffering hair loss around the front of their face because of age, postpartum, thyroid, damaged hair, etc. and knew there was a problem that needed to be solved.

The market lacked a hair extension that offers a fuller fringe in the areas that seem to matter the most-the framing of the face. My personal experience eventually led me to perfect the front halo Psykhe hairpiece (Patent Approved).

The thought of developing this piece has been sitting in the back of my mind over the last couple years but I didn’t decide to do anything about it until it hit home for me.

I have struggled with thyroid problems on and off for many years now, I was a mess. I felt incredibly ugly as handfuls of hair came out every time I washed my hair. Things eventually slowed down but the damage was done. My options were limited. I could get a pixie cut or get traditional extensions making my hair look like a mullet.

Neither of those options worked for me!

That’s When I Started Developing Psykhe Hair.

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