The concept is similar to Halo Hair Extension pieces in the fact that it sits on your head and the weight of your hair keeps it in place.

However, Psykhe Hair is so much more!

Unlike Halo’s and traditional hair extension methods that give you length and fullness from about ear to ear on the back side of the head, Psykhe gives you length and fullness around the front hair line. We also use a stretch wire on the back to help secure it in place.

Say bye bye to wimpy face framing layers, or mullet hair and say hello to beautiful hair that you can see!

This will vary from person to person based on the purpose for use, how often it’s worn and how often it is washed and styled.

The hair itself should last 6-12m with everyday wear when proper care and maintenance take place.

We recommend for the longest life span to avoid excessive heat, excessive styling and washing too often. Keep in mind, just like our own hair, doing these things can cause damage.

Our hair pieces can be custom colored to match your own hair. We provide you with seven colors to choose from.

We recommend when custom coloring that you seek professional help as Remy Hair can process a little differently then natural hair and we can’t guarantee results or be responsible for failed coloring attempts.

It is also recommend that you never try to lighten your Psykhe hair as this can cause extreme damage to your extension hair. Color can easily be deposited, so when choosing a shade, picking a lighter color is always better.

Although your piece will stay secure and in place we do not recommend working out, sleeping or swimming with your Psykhe Hair, they are more likely to get damaged and tangled while doing so.

Only wash when absolutely necessary. Unlike your own hair that can become dirty or greasy from product build up and our natural oils, your Psykhe Hair Extension pieces are not attached to the scalp and are not effected in the same way your natural hair is. Also you don’t need to use much in way of hair products in the extensions themselves as they hold their style well all on their own.

Once a month should do the trick. It is also recommended that sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are used when washing. It is helpful to use a hydrating conditioner to keep hair soft and tangle free. Using shampoo and conditioners with sulfates will cause the hair to become dry and brittle and needing to be replaced sooner then necessary.

Using a sulfate free shampoo, fill your bathroom sink or a basin with warm water and add a little shampoo into the water. Taking the top side of the extension, where the hairs are tied on to the clear band fold in half, and fold 2 or 3 more times so it’s easy to grip that top part in your hand. Submerge the ends into the shampoo water while avoiding the folded top part you are gripping. Dunk hair several times in the shampoo water, swishing it around and gently massaging the ends. Rinse out the shampoo water and add a small amount of hydrating conditioner to the ends, working your way up through the mid shaft. Rinse, dry and style.

Note – Allowing your piece to air dry will help it last longer then using the heat of a blow dryer.

This question is often asked when people are looking to invest in quality hair extensions. You want hair extensions made of 100% Remy human hair.

Remy refers to a grading system and is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. It’s cuticle layer is kept intact and not stripped. The hairs are also aligned so that they are all going in the same direction to keep it from matting and tangling. This allows for the hair to shine and reflect light keeping it natural in appearance.

Psykhe Hair is made of 100% Remy Human Hair to give you the best look, the best wear, and beautiful natural hair.

Much like a head band, you place it on your head and position it in the desired place. Once it’s set in place you will pull your hair over the top, camouflaging the wefts while creating fullness and length in the fringe area and around the face.

You can use one or more pieces to create the desired look you are going for. Psykhe Hair can also be combined with other hair extension methods, bridging the gap between your natural hair and where extension hair starts.

We are here to help with the integrity of your hair and keeping it as healthy as possible. Psykhe Hair does not use glue, tape or clips to keep this in your hair. This means we are not adding tension or stress to your own hair; because of this, no damage will be done to your natural hair.

Each Psykhe hair piece comes standard with extra stretch wire, just in case, so you can retie if needs be.

Most often it’s not a matter of the hair piece breaking but that an end has come untied or stretch wire has snapped from heavy use. See instructions included with each hair piece on how to re-tie the stretch wire.

If a product is defective please send a photo of the defective area along with a description to customer service at and we will gladly assist you to resolve the issue.

We are more then happy to accommodate returns and exchanges within 30 days on all pieces that have not been opened, worn or tampered with.

Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product and we take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously. For this reason we do not allow for opened items to be returned. This is an industry standard as other hair extension suppliers do not allow returns of opened items for the same reason.

Read Our Full Return Policy Here

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