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Definition of Psykhe

psy·​che | \ ˈsī-kē  \

1. Psykhe – The Greek goddess of the soul
2. That which is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings

When it comes to hair loss your options have been limited to products that are full wigs, extensions, or toppers all of which can be very uncomfortable, expensive, and time consuming. We are excited to introduce you to the Psykhe Secret Tiara patented human hair piece! This product gives you fullness in the front and sides without the use of clips, tape or microbeading. This coupled with our hair fibers will conceal areas of hair loss and thinning and make your hair look thick and full.

No matter which definition you choose, or how you spell it we are changing the way you feel about yourself!

Using our products is simple!

Psykhe Hair Tiara

✔ Add Fullness In the FRONT and SIDES of Your Hair
✔ Stay in Place w/out Weighing You Down
✔ No Clips, Tape, or Microbeading Necessary
✔ Made of 100% Remy Human Hair
✔ Takes Minutes to Put in Rather Than Hours

Psykhe Hair Fibers

✔ Instantly Fills in Thinning Areas
✔ Conceals Hair Loss
✔ Makes Fine Hair Look Completely Thick and Full
✔ Great as a Root Touch-up Between Colorings

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Psykhe Hair Tiara

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