A New Partnership With HairClub


We are excited to share a new partnership with HairClub. HairClub offers customized solutions for those with hair loss from beginning to end. Sometimes all a client needs is some extra confidence while they are in treatment, and that’s where our products provide the perfect solution! Our goals are perfectly aligned in that we both desire to empower men and women and give them the confidence they desire and deserve.

 About The HairClub

For over 45 years, HairClub has helped more than half a million members reclaim their hair and their confidence. They help clients stop hair loss—and start seeing life-changing results. Their philosophy is simple; Love your hair. Live your life. We couldn’t agree more with this, which is why it only made sense to form a partnership.

They offer options to regrow your own natural hair through non-surgical options, and replacement solutions that can quickly add new hair to areas with thin or no hair. With both, there is time involved for the process to work, which is where our products can help during those transitional periods.

Empowering Women

Our partnership with HairClub allows us many opportunities to educate and empower. women. Not only will our products be sold at their locations, but we will also have the opportunity to educate. We have already started to visit locations and offer workshops on the Psykhe line of products along with a little motivation.  We are on a mission to help women experience a divine liberation and we are excited for the opportunity that this partnership allows us to do just that!

Psykhe Hair is based in Centerville, UT and serves the entire United States. Our customer service-based approach ensures that each client feels well informed and enjoys the process from ordering to delivery.  If you are suffering from hair loss and feel overwhelmed with all the options get a free expert opinion from our founder  on our website. We’re here to help!

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