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I began losing my hair after having children. As a result I had lost all self-confidence. I spent thousands of dollars on products that never worked or weren’t a good fit. Products that promised hair growth but never achieved it, extensions and toppers that were uncomfortable to wear and damaged my bio hair, and then I found Psykhe Hair. Their products have completely changed my life!

The pictures say it all. I’m no longer self-conscious about my hair loss, I feel the best I ever have. If you are thinking about purchasing their products don’t hesitate, just do it! Your new self will thank you.

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The Psykhe hair piece has completely changed my life! About 3 years ago I started having hair loss and breakage… I recently had a baby and thought the hair issues was due to that but unfortunately it was getting pretty severe to the point that I just knew something was wrong. I always bought hair product from my hair dresser so we knew I was using good products and so we moved on to health related issues and that led me to the doctor and a few months later having to have my thyroid completely removed.

This was all rough on my hair and I had very thin and uneven hair that my hair dresser tried her best to give me a cute hair cut but I still just felt broken. The Psykhe hair piece has given me my confidence and then some back. I look how I feel now and can’t imagine living without it. It feels like I’m not wearing a thing in my hair and I love it. It fills in the areas that I had all my hair breakage which was in the front sides. Thank you for giving me my confidence back!


In October 2016 I was violently attacked by a family member. Sometime during the struggle my attacker grabbed a large portion of my hair and ripped it out leaving me completely bald from my ear to the trunk of my neck. I faithfully took hair vitamins for an entire year to help it grow again.

Although it helped some my hair was extremely thin and fine and some spots took months to even start growing in. After a year and a half my hair has grown maybe 6 inches but it is not the same. I finally accepted it and just learned to style it as if it were full and long and to just pin or clip what was left.

I came across Jennae’s fb page in my newsfeed one day and booked an appointment to get my hair colored. It turned out she was just the person I needed to find. She told me about her own personalized Psykhe hair extension and I was lucky enough to get my very own customized to my new hair color. I had never even tried hair extensions in the past.

Seeing it on was absolutely amazing!! With Jennae’s hair piece it’s as if my hair has completely grown in! To see myself with restored hair was such an amazing feeling.


I absolutely love my new hair piece!  I’ve looked at SO many different kinds of extensions and have become discouraged when they didn’t work for me.  Most extensions that I have tried don’t give me the hair I need on the sides. I have tried the clip ins, my hair isn’t thick enough to hide the clips.

The invisible line you use for this extension isn’t even noticeable and gives me the hair where I really need it.  My hair started to thin on the sides in the last 5 years from aging, this has made it so hard to style and I feel really insecure.  A friend told me about Jennae’s hair piece, I’m so glad I found her!  It has been a life changer!


I have always had really great hair and never thought too much about it until it all started falling out about a year ago.  I was put on a medication and was unaware that hair loss was a side effect.  I was also dealing with a hormone imbalance at the same time and my beautiful hair is now thin and sad.

Needless to say, I was devastated by how different I looked.  Psykhe Hair has been amazing.  My hair is growing back in but the entire front section is short and will take a long time for it to get long.  These extensions fill in the front where my hair loss is most obvious.

They are easy to use and blend perfectly with my hair.  I’m able to create most of the hair styles that I was able to do before my hair fell out.  I feel better about myself and I owe much of that to Psykhe Hair.


For the past few years my hair has really thinned out! Especially in the front on the left side. Last year I had a couple surgeries and it really looked bad. This hair piece has really filled in the thin area, gives me my confidence back! It’s a great product!


Well, I’ve worn extensions for YEARS… I’ve tried every kind possible from tape in to beads to clip in to halo… and this one is my all time favorite.  I always felt slightly fake but these are so natural and light.  By the end of the day I’m usually dying to get extensions out… but with yours half the time I go to bed and forget their in.  The best part is it gives me the coverage where I need it, right up front…. right were my hair is super thin.  People are always shocked to find out I have extensions at all.  I’m addicted for sure!  I’ll never do anything else.


I love my Psykhe hair!  I have always had very fine hair and love the volume & oomph this gives me.  I just place it on my head & style it to match my style for the day.   Straight or curly it is awesome.

So easy to take care of.  Wash & dry then straighten or curly it with any tool.  Hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron.  It is easy to place & matches my hair color perfectly!  No more bad hair days,  it gives me the the confidence to go out and face my day with great hair!


A lot of people joke around that when they get stressed out they want to ‘pull their hair out’. However, this is an actual disorder called trichotilomania.  I have struggled with the urge to pull out my own hair since I was a young child. This has led to bald spots, thinning in some areas, and an overall feeling of guilt for creating this embarrassing problem myself.

Over time I learned to fix my hair in ways to cover the spots and to appear ‘normal’. I have had short hair all of my adult life and have struggled to hide areas of thinning hair. Psykhe Hair  is an answer to my problem. They help cover my problem areas with thickness and add length as well. I’m so glad I found Jennae and that she has been inspired to use her talents to make others look more beautiful and feel more confident in themselves. ?


I’ve always struggled with fine, thin hair. It only got worse the older I got and the more I colored my hair (I’m addicted to blonde hair). I’ve struggled with infertility as well. I had to have a procedure a few years ago, that actually left a bald spot on the right side, in front of my hair.

So needless to say, the hair around my face was very sad. When Jennae told me about Physke Hair, I knew it would be the perfect, thing for me. The minute she put the extensions in my hair, I couldn’t believe the hair transformation! It looked so natural! It gave me a confidence I have never had before. The best thing is, it is so easy to put in myself! It has truly been the perfect miracle for me.


My front hair piece from Psykhe is amazing! It gives me the coverage that I need without all the heavy bulk and thickness that other hair extensions methods provide. Its the most natural-looking hair I’ve ever had. My daughter said that my hair looked great but didn’t know I was wearing a hair attachment.

Being able to use it anytime is the biggest advantage. It’s so easy to use… anyone can do it! I’m grateful to have found this new and innovative hair piece that has given me the perfect look to take care of the female pattern baldness I experience.


I love my Psykhe hair extension!! It is awesome! I have had 6 kids and every time I do, I loose a ton of hair! I hate it! I have also had thyroid problems that have affected my hair as well. Hair is a BIG deal! It can make or break a day and effect how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. I’ve always wanted to have thicker hair to make styles look better and fuller on me. I started off ordering a hairpiece that had a lot of fullness but mostly on the back part of your head. I really liked it but it was too heavy and would often give me a headache. I also had many comments on how I must have gotten hair extensions, that was really embarrassing to me. I want my hair to look natural.

I love the Psykhe hair piece because it is light weight and it looks natural! It fills in the areas of my hair that I really need the most, the front and sides of my hair. It rocks! I love that I can stick it in and nobody knows and I get the fullness and style that I want! I couldn’t be more thrilled with it, so grateful I have one!?


So far I LOVE the hair piece. It took me a minute getting used to putting it in and blending it. I surprised at how well it stays in, and that it doesn’t fall out with normal day to day movements (i.e. chasing kids!). My family’s opinion has been all positive—my sister seriously raved about it. I actually have 3 sisters, and all 3 are now thinking of getting one.

Funny how just a little extra hair can make all the difference! I really have terrible hair, thin, and flat and whispy—I’ve always hated that. This hair piece is not a drastic change, which is good—I don’t want it to be an obvious addition—but it has given me so much confidence! I’ve wanted to wear my hair straight more often, and now with the Psykhe piece in I can.

The biggest thing too that I love is that I can take it out whenever I want—no maintenance or moving the extensions up in the salon. I’ve done every kind of extension, and honestly they all show so easy—that is the curse of thin hair. This piece is nice because it isn’t SO obvious that I am wearing extensions. Thanks again, I am sure you’ll see more of my family members soon!

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