Why is my hair growing like a mullet?

Why is my hair growing like a mullet

Because it isn’t the 80s.

Because your name isn’t David Bowie.

Because everyone makes fun of mullets.

AND because you’d rather have a normal hairstyle all the time – not just right after you get a haircut – we’ve created the Secret Tiara!

Mullets were the famous mainstay hairdo of the 80s, you know the look – business in the front and party in the back! Just because everyone wanted that style in the 80’s doesn’t mean it’s cool now.. If you have a mullet hairdo now, everyone will probably make fun of you.

So why is my hair growing like a mullet?

Don’t worry it is very common for people to have their hair grow unevenly. But in most cases, it does seem like our hair grows longer in the back and the front hair just doesn’t seem to grow at all, which leaves you with this mullet look naturally – lucky right?? Apart from just naturally growing uneven, for most of the people their front hair gets damaged from the constant use of heat while styling and other hair products. No matter how much you pamper that hair or use great expensive products, it can still keep breaking off and falling out.

There are hair extensions out there that you can run to your stylist for but the problem is they often miss the area women need help the  most to not end up with a mullet. When using hair extensions like toppers which are basically clip ons, they feel like wearing a wig and are not very comfortable. So, If you are looking for a more natural look this might be a wrong option for you. 

Crowns are also not a great option for people who are only thinning around the front area and do not have serious hair loss on the back of the head because it mainly targets your hair on the back. Hair extensions like tape ins and micro beads can be used to fill up that front hair loss area however, it can cause more damage to your fragile hair since it has to be applied very closely to your hairline which may lead to more hair falling out and you won’t be able to hide them either. Adding that extra weight on your fragile hair can cause permanent damage to your hair and hair extensions by nature really should not damage hair.

How the Secret Tiara Helps You Get Rid of Mullet Hair

In comparison to other hair extensions, the Secret Tiara is a very unique product. While the other extensions, do not help without damaging more of your hair, the Secret Tiara helps to fill in the area where it is mostly needed without creating damage. The Secret Tiara is not attached to those weak hairs and it is just resting on the head like a headband, giving your natural hair the break it needs to grow and get stronger. 

The Secret Tiara is also nearly undetectable, it is camouflaged under your natural hair, doesn’t add bulk and we can get it closer to the hair line without it being noticed. Unlike other hair extensions, you will be able to pull your hair up into a ponytail or do a different hairstyle everyday without anyone seeing it. 

Because we believe that you’d rather have a normal hairstyle all the time – not just right after you get a haircut – we’ve created the Secret Tiara!

The Secret Tiara Blends Unlike Any Other Hair Extension 

Although our natural hair does not grow evenly and breaks off due to the damage, eventually giving a mullet look, most of the hair extensions available on the market actually makes it worse. Since a hair extension can only come so far forward on the head – usually just to the back of the ears. So instead you actually create MORE of a mullet.

However, we have a solution for you now- you can use the Secret Tiara along with other hair extensions to help fill the gap where regular extensions end and where you want hair to fill in. The Secret Tiara will help you avoid having to cut and layer so much in the front and instead gives you a natural look without crazy bulk. You can have it tapered around the face and still create a the hair styles you crave, but it does not have to be as layered and it will get rid of that mullet look most women experience with regular hair extensions.

Secret Tiara Helps Get Rid of Mullet HairThe Ease With Which the Secret Tiara Works

Secret tiara is like a headband and like headbands it is very simple, quick and easy to use. It is very easy to slip on and pull your hair up over the top. However, it will take a bit of practice to find that sweet spot where you would be most comfortable wearing it or where it will look the best on you.  Once you figure out your preferences you can add the Secret Tiara and take it out in just a couple of seconds. The learning curve can also depend upon the level of experience people have with any hair extensions. If you are very new to this hair extension world, you it might take you longer initially to learn but we promise you it will become second nature and once you learn how to do it you will love it! 

Does the Secret Tiara work for everyone?

Depending upon the type of hair loss and the severity of that hair thinning, Secret Tiara can help many women with their front hair problems in different ways. If you don’t have a lot of hair thinning around your face, maybe just damage from overstyling, one Secret Tiara can go along way, but if you have a more severe hair loss around your face maybe from medication or genes, you might need a couple more pieces to layer and create that camouflage look.

Is the Secret Tiara a permanent solution to mullet hair? Will I always have to wear it?

With Secret Tiara the hair will have an opportunity to grow by itself because you are not constantly touching it or overstyling trying to get a look you’re happy with. Why is this? It’s because you are mainly touching the hair of the Secret Tiara and now it is taking the bulk of what those little fragile hairs were taking before. Since, the hair of the Secret Tiara is healthy, thick coarse hair, and not the same as thin damaged hair, it can handle the stress of being constantly touched or tucked. It can also handle the stress of being curled way better than our natural hair, hence giving that damaged hair a break and letting it breath.

Secret Tiara does not have to be a permanent solution for you, our goal is to get you through that mullet stage and make that hair healthy, so that you don’t need any type of hair extensions in the future. However, for others who are suffering from the hormonal hair loss because of aging, medications, thyroid problems or female pattern baldness, it will be very difficult to get that natural hair to grow again no matter what you do. Therefore, the Secret Tiara is here to help those women by becoming a permanent solution for them. 

Not sure if our Secret Tiara is the right hair extension for you? Now you can get an expert opinion within 24 hours. Just upload your pictures of the problem areas and our hair experts will help you make your decision! 

Already made a decision?  Awesome!!  

You can now buy your own Secret Tiara and take them to your stylist to get colored and cut to match your own hair. We also provide a video training if your stylists aren’t sure how they work. Share our company with them and we will help them learn how to use the Secret Tiara and give your hair that fuller, natural and beautiful look!


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