Why human hair extensions are better

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Ever wonder why human hair extensions are better?

Let us demystify the myth that all hair extensions are the same!

Trust us, you want human hair extensions! Here’s why:

The world of hair extensions is flooded with retailers who are just trying to sell you anything labeled “hair extensions”. But it’s extremely important that you pay more attention to the quality of hair extensions, rather than the price – and that starts with seeing if they are human hair extensions (or REMY hair).

What happens if your hair extensions aren’t human hair you may wonder? After all they are so much cheaper right?

Well, cheaper isn’t always better. You can get cheaper hair extensions that aren’t made from human hair and they might melt when you attempt to straighten or curl them! Or you might have a color matching nightmare when you try to dye them – checkout our blog “What are Hair Extensions” for more details on dying your extensions.

Or you may look like your childhood Barbie doll after you washed her hair once and it was never the same again – that was a sad day in every girl’s life! It is unnaturally shiny as well. Real hair has variation and depth. Synthetic hair extensions are 1 dimensional and made in batches.

Another aspect to consider is how the hair will lay and will it get tangled. Hair that is not human in hair extensions can cause your hair to tangle easily (remember combing out my little pony hair??).
And because synthetic hair extensions are not real hair, it is much lighter, which sounds good, but is actually NOT a good thing. It will never lay the way real hair would, it will never behave like real hair does.

Psykhe Hair Extensions - Halo Remy Hair Extensions - Why human hair extensions are better

Invest and Get Remy Hair Extensions

Human or 100% Remy hair extensions are made with real hair that will style, color and lay like natural hair. It will bounce, have color depth with light and dark colors, and because of the meticulous effort put in by manufacturers to keep the hair cuticles intact, it won’t tangle endlessly like synthetic hair will.

Being sure the hair is collected and manufactured in such a way that all the hair is laying in the same downward direction it naturally would also makes a difference. And Remy hair extensions like ours do just that.

Remy human hair extension simply are a better value for the money. Real human hair extensions last so much longer than synthetic extensions and if you are going for a natural look, they should be your first choice, don’t regret your extension decision just to save a few bucks! Human hair extensions will help you feel confident and beautiful as you walk out the door, not nervous everyone can tell they aren’t real!

Experience the difference when you purchase our Secret Tiara Halo hair extensions.

Don’t you want to invest in a product that will last and look natural?

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