Psykhe Hair Extensions Investment

Jennae Jensen Psykhe Hair Extensions

Psykhe Hair Extensions Investment

Stylists know the struggle all too well: You have a client who wants a particular result, and yet they don’t want to invest the time or money into getting the result they claim they want.

So you are stuck at the salesperson’s conundrum. You politely let them know the following.

You can have two of the following. Please choose:

  • You can have it fast.
  • You can have it done well.
  • You can have it cheap.

And the women who use the Secret Tiara recognize that they are getting a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution to one of their biggest beauty problems.

It’s about 10% of the time that we have someone give pause at the cost of the Secret Tiara.

And here’s what we tell them: 

  1. You aren’t paying for grams of hair.
  2. You are paying for a one-of a kind solution.
  3. You are paying for a solution that women have been longing for for ages.
  4. You are paying for instant gratification and confidence.
  5. You are paying for quality over quantity.


Dark Brown Front Halo Hair ExtensionsSee, the hair attached to the halo is hand tied, meaning that it aligns flush against the scalp, giving women a natural look – because not everyone is #fakehairdontcare.

It’s design is intentionally light, because the natural pattern of the hair is to naturally be thinner in front – and if you popped 150+ grams of hair at the front of the hairline, you’d look like Mufasa.

You’ll notice 16 inches of length of high-quality REMY hair, which works for women with even long hair, because of how stylists will taper the front of the hairline to blend.

And the elastic and sizing bead make for a custom fit extension women can take off to sleep and shower, so it lasts for roughly a year, so long as the woman’s hairstyle stays consistent with the extension.

So when you end up doing the math, it costs a woman $12.50/month.

Stylists are often afraid to give their clients the option of the solution, because they simply haven’t seen the value:cost results.

For the woman who is losing hair from her thyroid condition, and even with medication she has breakage, she sees the value.

The woman who is growing out a pixie cut and feels frumpy every day, and believes she won’t be able to feel beautiful for months or a year – she sees the value.

Or let’s mention the woman who grew up with hair so thin that she could never do hairstyles her friends were doing, she sees the value.

And let’s not forget the woman who went through the most traumatic times in her life and ended up feeling unattractive on top of it all because the stress resulted in intense hair loss – who also sees the value.

Front Halo Hair Extensions Secret Tiara Style

Front Halo Hair Extensions Secret Tiara Style

The woman taking life-saving, and hair-shedding medication, that leaves a woman refusing to take photos for a year.

The woman who looks in the mirror and sees lines appearing on her face, and her hair thinning, reminding her that she isn’t young anymore.

The new mom whose postpartum body has shaken her confidence and now she’s losing her hair on top of it.

The list goes on and on.

So when you think, “Oh, who would pay that much for 15 grams of hair?” remember:

No one is paying that much for ten grams of hair.

They are paying it for the intangibles:

  • The confidence.
  • The self-love.
  • The relief.
  • The feeling beautiful.
  • The connecting with loved ones.
  • The remembering who they were.
  • The hope that they are finding the light at the end of their tunnel.


And that is the Secret Tiara difference.

Here’s Melissa’s Experience, Maybe You Can Relate:

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