Our Experience Being the “New Kids on the Block” at IBSLV

IBSLV Psykhe Hair Extensions

What is IBSLV (International Beauty Show)

If you are a stylist, salon owner or a beauty professional, you probably already have heard about the IBS International Beauty Show). IBS events are the world’s leading beauty shows that takes place every year in Las Vegas and New York. These shows are attended by tens of thousands of salon owners and beauty professionals who are very passionate about learning more about the most new and innovative techniques, products and trends in the industry each year.

Our First Experience at IBSLV and What it Was Like

We decided to attend our first IBS event in Las Vegas this year. Being a brand new company in the industry we were very excited and nervous at the same time. There were a lot of questions in our mind, like:

“What are they going to think about the product?” and “Are they going to like it?”

With more than 350+ top beauty brands and thousands of stylists attending the event, our main goal was to get our brand out there and it was a huge opportunity for us to showcase our unique product the Secret Tiara. Our brand started as a way to create solutions for women with thinning, broken, or damaged hair in the front of the head, because as a stylist Jennae knew there wasn’t enough she was able to offer clients as real solutions to these problems. At IBSLV, we were focused on interacting with stylists, salon owners and potential customers by offering them the options and solutions to these hair problems.

So How Was the Secret Tiara Received at IBS?

Not being sure what to expect at the IBSLV, we were so excited to see the amount of positive response we were receiving for the Secret Tiara. People came to our booth and stopped to talk to us with comments like:

“This is so ingenious!”

“Oh My Gosh everyone needs it!”

“This is the best thing I have seen so far in the show because it is different and something new to our industry!”

“You guys are offering a completely different and innovative product to the industry!”

Before and After IBSLV 2
Before and After IBSLV

To be honest, there is nothing more gratifying to a brand than creating a value for their consumers. Many of them were curious about our product the Secret Tiara so they wanted to know more about it, see how it worked, and what it could do. A lot of people had experienced hair loss and hair thinning right around the face and for the stylists they have heard this problem from their clients all the time.

Before when our clients came to us with these problems, we did not have any actual solution for them but with the Secret Tiara we now can offer them a real solution. And to be able to offer this product to OTHER stylists and salons who are hearing the same thing from their clients was very validating, and for us it was the biggest highlight of the event.

How the Secret Tiara is changing the beauty industry

Although with all the positive comments that we received in IBSLV, most of the people pointed out that it is just like a traditional halo hair extensions but we beg to differ. Yes, technically we are halo hair extension but there is a huge difference between a traditional halo and a frontal halo hair extension.

1. Light Vs Heavy weight

Wearing a hair extension everyday can be a little annoying sometimes, especially if it feels heavy. You might find most of the traditional halo hair extensions to be a little heavy because it is usually very thick and not evenly distributed on the head. Our frontal hair extension is quite opposite, it is very lightweight and virtually undetectable. Where the traditional halo hair extensions are generally 100 grams of hair weight, our each  frontal hair extensions are 15 grams – IN THE AREA YOU NEED IT MOST! So, why carry extra weight on your head every day to feel confident and beautiful when you can wear our Secret Tiara.

2. Targeted towards Front Vs Back hair

Unlike Halo’s and traditional hair extension methods that give you length and fullness from about ear to ear on the BACK side of the head, Psykhe Secret Tiara gives you length and fullness around the front hair line. While the traditional halo hair extensions focuses only on the back area of the head, our frontal hair extension focuses on hair loss or hair thinning problems in the front area which is faced by most of the women. It will also help you to get rid of that mullet look which is caused by traditional hair extension methods.

3. Hand tied Vs Machine tied

As we’ve discussed already the traditional halo hair extensions are usually thicker and heavy mainly because of the reason that it is machine tied. Our frontal hair extensions are hand tied, which makes it thinner, very lightweight and flexible, allowing the hair extensions to blend into the scalp and giving women a natural look.

4. Movability Vs Immovability

Do you get paranoid thinking about your hair extensions slipping out of your hair and landing on the floor? Well, if you do you are definitely not alone! Unlike a traditional halo hair extensions where you cannot even bend down and flip your head over to pick up something without gravity taking it off, our frontal halo hair extensions have much more movability.

They are placed on a clear, plastic wire which goes around the back of your head and keeps it secure. So, if you want to go ahead and do a backflip without having to worry about your hair extensions falling off, using the Secret Tiara is the way to go! You go girl – do your thing! 😉

As a new and innovative product, the Secret Tiara is changing the beauty industry by helping women who are suffering from hair loss around the front of the head because of age, postpartum, thyroid, damaged hair, etc.

It is also helping stylists around the world who are often not able to offer solutions to their clients who are going through the same front hair loss problems. Our new front halo Psykhe Secret Tiara Hair Extension is offering solutions to these problems and hence changing the world of extensions!

As a stylist, if you ever went through the same problem and would like to give your clients more options, you can sign up for a wholesale account or contact us to learn more about the Secret Tiara and how it works!

At IBSLV we made sales, made some good contacts and I was inspired and already have some ideas for some new pieces… new prototypes here we come!

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