Maui’s Missing Hook


Do you miss your hair like Maui missed his hook?

“Without my hook I am nothing”. –Maui (Moana)

Jennae before and after Psykhe hair extensions


Have you ever felt like your beauty is dependent on something? Maybe it’s that winning smile, or your big brown eyes. Maybe it’s the nose that you got from your father, that while not perfect, is  perfect to you. But for some women, maybe it’s the hair that sits around our face.

For me and for many women, I often define my beauty by my hair. Like Maui, my hair is my hook. For the longest time, I needed my hair to look perfect to feel like I was beautiful.

Unfortunately, hair doesn’t always work the way we want it to. Sometimes we are burdened by a bad hair day. Sometimes it’s not so simple. A varying list of reasons can cause difficult and emotional hair loss. It may be genetics, stress, heat, or even disease that brings that frustration. If you could just have that hair back you would feel better. In these moments we may think like Maui. Without our hair we are nothing. We need our Maui hook.

But no need to fret! Like Maui, our story has a happy ending. As the movie comes to a close, Maui is given a new hook. Even though his old one is gone, he finds happiness on his own and is pleased with the replacement. During his journey he realizes that the hook doesn’t make him or break him. “With or without my hook, I am Maui”.

At Psykhe we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to feel powerless because of loss of hair. We know you can live without your hair. We know your hair doesn’t define you or your beauty. But we want to make you feel as beautiful and as confident as you can.

The secret tiara is that “hook”.  It was carefully curated to fill that void with simplicity. You may have lost frontal hair from use of heat tools, or pregnancy. You may have had a more serious cause to lose the frontal hair. Regardless of the cause, we are ready to provide you a solution.

Let the secret tiara give you the confidence boost you need. Give yourself a little extra hook and be ready to take on the storm





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