Get “Psykhed” To Share These Hair Extensions For The Front Of The Head With Your Clients

As a hairstylist, you have the power to help women with many things. Sometimes, getting their hair fixed up is all someone needs to turn around a bad day. For women with thinning, broken, or damaged hair in the front of the head, they may jokingly ask if you have a way to add hair there instead of just cutting. Sadly, there hasn’t been much you can do to help these women who need coverage in the front.

For a long time, our creator Jennae was in the same boat. Then one day it really hit home for her and SHE started losing hair in the front. She knew it was time to find or create a solution that would help not just herself, but her clients that she helped behind the chair.

That is when the Secret Tiara was created.

As you’ve seen behind the chair, most people experience hair loss in the front of the head. Whether this is due to over styling, thyroid problems, postpartum changes, or age, it can be very damaging to a person’s self-esteem. Regular hair extensions are a great solution to thinning hair in the back of the head but they don’t offer that full body look in the front and sides of the head to neatly frame the face. A wig would offer an all-around full look but could be uncomfortable.

As a stylist it is hard to not have solutions for women’s hair care woes! But now you can offer them a real solution with Psykhe Secret Tiara Hair Extensions.

The Secret Tiara front halo allows women to add hair to these areas in a way that looks and feels very natural. These extensions can be dyed to the client’s hair color or to add a pop of color, cut to match their length, and styled just like the rest of their hair. It’s a solution that doesn’t hold your client back!

The best part? They finally feel like themselves again! There is nothing better than having a client in your chair when they see the difference that a Secret Tiara can make where they’ve needed it most.

How Do Psykhe Secret Tiara Front Halo Hair Extensions Work?

For the extensions to sit in the front of the head, they are placed on a clear, plastic wire secured into place by a bead. Before placing the Secret Tiara on your client for sizing, you will pinch the bead to loosen it. Once you place it around your client’s head like a headband with the hair in the front, pull the tail of the wire to tighten it and clamp the bead to hold it in place. Tie a few knots into the end and cut what is left.

Now that it is sized, find where you will need to move hair on the extensions to match the part in the front of the head. Spray the area with a squirt bottle and slide and remove hair to create a gap for the part until you have it aligned just right. With the glue provided, you will glue the ends in place to prevent slipping. Finally, using a comb, pull the natural hair over the top of the Secret Tiara and cut and style as needed!

Check out our video to see Jennae placing a secret tiara on her client here.

Do They Look Natural?

Because of the placement of the extensions with the hair pulled over the top the wefts are covered, and the client now has a full style around the face. The extensions are made from real hair and you can use them with other extensions.

Our Secret Tiara is also hand tied. Why is this a BIG deal? Hand tied wefts sit close to the head without a lot of bulky material that machine sewn extensions have lurking underneath. No bulk means a more natural look for your clients. No worrying that the wind or a few out of place hairs will reveal their secrets!

Are hand tied hair extensions more expensive?

Yes, but totally worth it!

And when you compare to tape in’s and other extensions that need to be replaced multiple times per year (not to mention the damage they can do on your client’s hair) you can see the value of buying the right product from the start to help them where they need it most! Most Psykhe Secret Tiara’s last 6-12 months with proper care and your clients can feel confident knowing they have a good quality solution to add hair the front of their head.

When you consider cost of regular extensions which on average runs $275 on up to $1400 for extensions the value your clients get with our Psykhe Secret Tiara hair extensions is invaluable!

The Secret Tiara has helped women from all walks of life and all ages, finally feel like themselves again.

Check out these beauties and how the Secret Tiara has transformed their look.

Front Halo Hair Extensions Secret Tiara StylePsykhe Hair Extensions Layering


This is such an easy and meaningful way to help women feel confident. Sign up for a wholesale account to bring your clients extensions to frame their face and enjoy discounts on wholesale orders of certain sizes as well as stylist trainings and notifications on new products.

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Not a stylist but still want these amazing extensions for yourself??

Of course you do!

You can buy your own Secret Tiara and take them to your stylist to get colored and cut to match your own hair. If they aren’t sure how they work, share our company with them and we can set them up on a video training to help them learn how to use the Secret Tiara and create the magic in your hair you’ve been wanting!

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