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Thank you for checking us out. So, here’s what I know, thinning hair tends to make us think, “Oh my goodness! I’m getting old!”  Even if you’re just passing forty, it’s a shocker to see your hair thinning. It may not even be from age but from hormones or surgery or stress. Being old is a good thing, but sadly we women don’t think that way.  

I’m Jennae Jensen. I’m not old age-wise, but I had a while there when my hair was falling out in clumps, and I felt like I was a thousand years old. My hair was thinning by the handfuls because my thyroid was off balance. I was even more depressed and embarrassed because my job as a hairdresser includes having great-looking hair! 

I wanted to be the solution, not the “poster girl” for the problem, and the more stressed I became about my hair, the worse it looked. I was struggling with thinning hair… and here I was —a hairdresser! As a result, I am even more dedicated to helping my clients with their self-image, inside and outside. I knew there had to be an answer to thinning hair. I decided I had to help myself first so that I could help others. Helping others became my WHY.

Creating a Company?!

Starting Psykhe Hair Extension scared me because I thought I might fail. More to the point, I felt that I would fail because unworthy is what I believed I was. I identified with failure, but I also realized I had a fear of succeeding. That seems weird, but the success part didn’t coincide with my view of myself from when my parents divorced when I was nine years old. After my dad finally left, I knew he had abandoned me long before that when he’d punished me for doing the hair on one of my “My Little Pony” dolls when I was five. I mean, he really punished me. My emotional scars remain to this day. Thank goodness for my grandfather, who was my mentor and savior.

Part of my passion for doing hair and making women feel good about themselves stems from not ever wanting them to experience my anxiety and low self-esteem. If my grandfather could make me feel better about myself, I could help other people feel better about themselves, too.

Thinning hair comes from lots of things, but at last, I was offering a solution. I started the company Psykhe Hair Extensions with an overflowing sense of strong-willed determination in my heart. I had to “fake it ‘til I make it” in the beginning, but now that we’re successful, my four boys—ages two to twelve—see their mom doing what she loves and helping make other people happy. That makes me happy too.

Jennae Jensen Psykhe Hair Extensions

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