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My name is Jennae Jensen, and I’m glad you’re here. 

Many people think receding hairlines happen only to men. Nope.  Women can have receding hairlines from heredity, surgeries and injuries, stress, age, and lots more. Sometimes they call it female pattern baldness. It’s devastating whatever the source is and whatever you call it!

I’m an everyday woman with four kids, and I’ve been styling hair since 2004. I know how women feel about their hair. And I know that having hair extensions can make you feel good. But most hair extensions I found when I was having thyroid problems, and terrible hair loss, were for the back of the head. I had no solutions for myself or my clients. With frustration swirling around in my plucked-chicken head, I finally started researching and using hair extensions in 2007. I’d found an excellent way to help women feel like the best version of themselves.

I was also trying to prove something.

A high school math teacher told me that after scoring in the top 10% of the nation in Math, I was wasting my life by becoming a hairdresser. Thinking back to that teacher was enough to get me started with Psykhe Hair Extensions. Here’s the deal: not much makes me change my mind when I know what I want. In some ways, I think starting this business has been an expression of my life, a way for me to prove I’m not a “waste.” I’m not useless, I’m worth something, and I have a lot to offer. I enjoy helping others—especially when it comes to helping them see their self-worth. Maybe I should call him and see if he or his wife have a receding hairline by now. They might need a Psykhe Hair Extension! Plus, I’ve recently started researching hair extensions for men!

Jennae Jensen Psykhe Hair Extensions

How did the Psykhe name come about?

This brings me to the how I came to the name Psykhe. I had invented this secret, patented tiara, and I needed a company name I could trademark. I liked the idea of having something to do with a butterfly’s shape, but “Monarch” couldn’t be trademarked, as it was already taken, and frankly kind of common, don’t you think? The Greek goddess Psyche’s symbol is the butterfly, and as a Greek goddess, she might wear a crown of laurels in about the same place as my secret tiara that holds the Remy human hair. Psyche means SOUL. It spoke to me because my hair loss problem has affected me to my soul. 

I had to change the spelling, and so we put a “k” instead of a “c” so we could trademark the name. I hope Psykhe speaks to your psyche.

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