Jennae Jenson Founder of Psykhe Hair Extensions

Hi… My name is Jennae Jensen.

I hope you’re not feeling any extra stress today because if you are, you might find that if you have too many of those days in a row, you’ll lose more and more hair over time! The Mayo Clinic says stress can definitely cause hair loss, and it’s essential to figure out how to reduce your stress, of course. Added to that, you’ll feel more stress over how bad your hair looks every day. 

Been there, done that. And I had to fix it.

While you’re managing the underlying causes of stress you might need some mood lifts along the way. I know I was miserable when I started losing my hair from thyroid problems. Big gobs of hair. It was horrible, embarrassing, and stressful. Which made guess what…Yup. More hair loss. It’s particularly embarrassing because I am a hairdresser. What’s more, I had to find an easy solution. It had to be simple to use, low maintenance, and accessible to women of all income levels. If not, I wouldn’t be reducing my clients’ stress levels!

The birth of a company

After a lot of thought, research, and experimentation, I invented the Psykhe Hair Extension patented tiara that holds human hair in place to add hair to the front and sides of your head. As a hairdresser, I had a lot at stake… I had to take care of my clients because that’s what I do. I had to make my hair look decent too. Women surviving chemotherapy treatments or post-partem hair loss came to me. Others had hair loss caused by accidents or surgeries. And women with just the normal everyday stress of raising a family, running a household, having a full-time job, homeschooling, taking care of parents, and baking cookies for the kids’ events sat in my chair, looked into my eyes and said, “Can you help me?”

Thinning Hair Problems
Front Halo Hair Extensions Secret Tiara Style

I found a way

Many women of all ages come to me to have their stress-induced hair loss problem solved. Your hairdresser can size your tiara and then color and style your hair so you don’t have to. As an even better stress-buster, what if you wanted a date-night, glamour-evening? You can have fun with our Psykhe Hair Extensions because they are human hair and can be dyed any color. How about going to the local college’s football games or your kids’ high school with your Psykhe extension dyed in the school’s colors! Your own hair is safe.

I love my job.
I love helping everyday women be the best versions of themselves.

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