How to Use Frontal Halo Hair Extensions

Psykhe Hair Extension Front Halo Secret Tiara

How to Use Frontal Halo Hair Extensions

Using the Secret Tiara is a bit like learning to ride a bike. Or maybe more like a unicycle. It looks similar to something you are familiar with, yet it looks like there’s less of it than what you are accustomed to using. The angles and the shock when you start using it can create unnecessary panic. But if you can learn to use it, it would be SO cool to be able to do.

Okay, confession time: We’ve never ridden a unicycle.

BUT we can promise you, if you can use tweezers, as well as dye and blend hair into a cut, you’ve mastered the hardest part of using our Psykhe Hair Extensions!

So you pulled the secret tiara out of the package, and you have that moment of surprise…

“Wait, THIS much hair makes THAT big of a difference?” Absolutely! It’s because of the one-of-a-kind, patent-pending technology and design of the secret tiara that women have been able to replace or supplement their other extensions with something so light.

You’ll notice a few features right off the bat:

1. The 16 inches of 100% REMY hair – We get asked if it comes in longer lengths. We haven’t had anyone who actually needed more than 16” yet once we got it on their head, because of the natural pattern of the hair.

2. 15g of that REMY hair – You’ll be shocked how much of a difference 15g makes. If we put the 150+ grams in the front of the hair that you see in other extensions, you’d walk around looking like a lion!

3. An elastic halo – Which means you can take it out and put it in and it takes seconds to do! It also means it’s low maintenance and won’t grow out and require expensive reinstallations like other extensions! With proper care, you can reuse the piece for a year (if properly cared for) if you keep the same hairstyle!

4. Hand tied hair around the elastic halo – This is important – it means that it blends in to the scalp and people can’t tell you are wearing the hairpiece. This is visible on machine tied extensions.

5. The adjustment bead & elastic – This is what makes sure it fits to your head and stays secure!


So now that you are familiar with your Secret Tiara, here’s the big question:

“How Do I Use the Secret Tiara frontal halo hair extension?”

Remember the unicycle? It’s important to not panic, because once you see how easy it is, you’ll be surprised you ever had a moment of panic at all. Take a deep breath, because we promise, it’s all going to be okay!

Supplies needed to use a front halo hair extension from Psykhe Hair:

*Came in your packaging

Step 1 (optional): COLOR THE HAIR

If you are coloring the hairpiece, now is the time to do it. Simply put it on a foil, apply color as you would to human hair, and rock out to a little Ed Sheeran while it processes.

Rinse it and let it dry laid out flat.


It’s time to set the part to help it blend – this is the hardest part! (And we promise it really isn’t hard.)

Once you know where the part should be on your Secret Tiara, put your fingers there and take it off the head.

At this point of the halo, WET THE HAIR AT THE PART to help it to slide on the halo.

Then take your tweezers and use them to break apart the secured hand tied knots and begin plucking the hair to create a gap on the halo that will allow it to blend in with the part.

Someone with thick hair will need a smaller gap than someone with thinning hair. It will range from 1/4” to 1” depending on their hair.

Put the Secret Tiara back on their head to confirm the part is set correctly, and then take it off to secure the hair to the side of the part with the fast-drying glue.


It’s time to size the hairpiece. You will need needle nose pliers, tweezers and a pair of scissors.

Pop the bead using your needle nose pliers, and pull the elastic through to the size it needs to be to fit comfortably under the occipital lobe like a headband.

Put the Secret Tiara on the head and size to fit.

Secure the elastic by closing the bead with your needle nose pliers.

Tie 3 knots (like you are tying your shoes) to secure the loose elastic before trimming the end.


Put it on and take note of where the part in the hair falls along the halo on the Secret Tiara.

Put it back on the head, and use a stylists comb to pull the natural hair over the halo, and blend it.


Proceed to cut the Secret Tiara and hair as normal, to blend the extension to accommodate the natural hair.

Step 5: SHARE

We love seeing your transformations! Take pictures and share your results with us on Instagram by tagging @psykhehair on your before & after photos!

It really is that simple.

Want a hands on training? Message us and we would love to host a training for stylists in your area!

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