Best Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

Best Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

You’ve been thinking about hair extensions for years, but always wonder, will they work for my thin hair? The Instagram swoon worthy hair extension photos make it seem so simple – just get hair extensions and you’ll get instant length, volume, and magically become a super model! Well, maybe hair extensions won’t make you a super model, but they can help with all the rest! But choosing the RIGHT hair extensions for your thinning and often already easily damaged hair should be your top consideration before buying any hair extension that promises instant results. Nearly all hair extensions except for Halo extensions rely on attaching to your current hair to hold them in place. And if your hair is thin or damaged already, normal hair extensions that put a strain on your hair will only make the problem worse in the end and not better. Before we get into the the best hair extensions for thinning hair, let’s talk about the different types of extensions on the market.

Best Extensions for Thinning Hair

There are 5 main types of extensions on the market but here are some things you should know about each before you just run to your stylist and ask for extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins are highly marketed because of ease of use, they are so simple to clip-in and take out that you don’t have to go to a stylist to help you install them. You can use them when needed, and take them out when you don’t. The problem with this type of hair extension for thin or fine hair is that fine and thinning hair doesn’t play the same as thick hair! Remember that girl that could never keep a barrette in her hair as a kid? Can you imagine that kid as an adult putting clip in hair extensions on her hair? Disaster, right??!!

Clip ins downfall is that they are often very heavy and will slide right out of thin or fine hair, and let’s be honest – no one wants that to happen while out on the town! They have even been known to pull hair out as they slide so they can further damage your thin hair. And they often don’t look natural on fine and thinning hair. You can generally spot them on someone from across the room because fine hair shows everything through it!

Weave Hair Extensions

You’ve heard of them but do you really know what they are? A Weave is when your stylist tightly braids your natural hair and then sews in wefts into these braids. These wefts can be heavy and those with thin or fine hair already have a hard time keeping them in good shape so adding more strain and stress on the hair only further damages the individual hairs. Not to mention the time this takes and the higher cost because of how time consuming it is for your stylist to do.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion is similar in nature to a weave, but takes it a little farther. Your stylist fuses your hair to the extension hair with a hot or cold keratin bond. As you can imagine, this can further damage thin and fine hair and is only okay for those with extremely healthy hair. Also, be prepared to go back in every 3-4 weeks to have this process redone as your hair grows and the bond weakens.

Tape In Hair Extensions

The option you’ve probably heard is “best” for thin hair is tape ins.

You’ve been told they are so easy, the wefts are thinner, lighter, and cause less damage. But there is the kicker, less damage isn’t no damage!

On thin and fine hair any weight can cause further damage to your hair and tape ins are not all that different, you still have to tape them to your hair and they still will add weight that strains your hair.

But the thing we notice most is that you often can see the tape through the hair and it doesn’t look natural! As the tape loosens it can slip and you will need to go back to your stylist every 8-12 weeks to get them re-taped. They use an adhesive remover to take them out and then reset them with new tape. Any type of chemical on your hair can cause damage, so talk to your stylist about damage that can occur from tape-ins!

So what’s a girl to do? You want thicker, longer hair but you’re starting with thin or fine hair. What do you choose? What are the best extensions for fine and thinning hair?

We highly recommend halo style hair extensions, and not just because we sell them!

Jennae suffered from thinning hair from thyroid problems and was in the same boat as you. She needed to feel confident again but the standard hair extension options available either would either further damage her hair or leave her with a mullet look circa 1972!

So she went on a search for alternatives and while there were halos available, none gave a natural look that gave length and fullness in the FRONT of the hair.

Best Extensions for Thinning Hair

Halo hair extensions are a great option for thin and fine hair because they do not attach to your own hair at all. They instead are like a stretchy headband of hair that looks more natural, sits right up against the scalp, doesn’t grow out, slip down, or leave you embarrassed in public when it slips out of shows, because it doesn’t!

Add to that they take minutes to put in and take out each day and you will seriously fall in love with these hair extensions!

But standard halo extensions still left a party in the back and business in the front look! (Despite what it might say on Instagram, mullets are not coming back into style!)

The thing that makes our halo extensions stand out is that they give you length and fullness where you need it – IN THE FRONT! The front halo design gives you a natural look that you won’t have to worry about being embarrassed by your totally new look from one day to the next.

Instead of walking in with hair that is obviously fake, you can walk in to the room with confidence because your hair looks natural! You can keep your thinning hair a secret using our Psykhe hair piece! We think they are the best extensions for fine and thinning hair available on the market!


Ready to see the difference for yourself? We have several shades of our Psykhe hair extensions to choose from. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone, it will be our secret!


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Comments (3)

  • It’s true that hair extension is a remedy for your thinning hair. Thanks for explaining how to use different kinds of hair extensions and their benefits. My sister is having troubles with her thinning hair, I will recommend her to try hair extensions.

    Bree Ward
  • I highly recommend working with your stylist, even with clip on extensions. They will be able to give you advice and help make your extensions look more natural, which is always the goal. If you choose to do them at home I recommend using an all over hair color on both your natural hair and extensions and having them cut when they are clipped on with your hair.

    • Totally! We recommend you take our secret tiara’s to a stylist as well to get them cut and colored to match! Otherwise hair extensions can look unnatural and doesn’t that go against what you are working for which is to blend in to your natural hair?

      Megan Good

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